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She’s The B.O.S.S. Media, a Network of live Internet broadcast of shows via BlogTalkRadio and that reaches listeners and viewers around the world. In an effort to raise awareness of health, wellness, personal development, inspiration, motivation, employment, entrepreneurship, businesses, professional offices and public- sector establishments that contribute in so many ways to our community, we invite our listeners and viewers to tune into the shows 7 days a week.
She’s The B.O.S.S. Media is a social talk-radio network that hosts 14 shows a week across all topics, including politics, sports, books, business, entertainment, health, arts, comedy and religion. Since the company’s 2012 launch, we’ve grown over 10,000 listeners and viewers. The network attracts over a thousand listeners each month. Talkers Magazine recently posited both that “…Internet talk radio has been growing steadily” and “…a strong case can be made that Internet talk radio is rapidly on its way to being a major media movement in popular culture”.


She’s The B.O.S.S. TV

She’s The B.O.S.S. TV  is also a platform for promoting personal and professional development via Internet TV. The show tackles a wide range of topics with positive resolutions in mind. We aim to equip viewers with the tools to help empower them to grow to new levels in work, business and home.
She’s The B.O.S.S. TV focuses on more than just women’s issues. We invite everyone to join in the conversation to give a well rounded perspective on the topics of the day. It is our goal to amplify female voices and encourage men to uplift us in our efforts. To watch us Please Click Here

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She’s The B.O.S.S. RADIO

She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio is a platform for promoting personal and professional development to over 8,000 listeners. Our shows discuss a variety of topics to produce positive resolutions and bring beneficial information/resources to everyone. We aim to equip our listeners with the tools to instill, empower and strengthen in the home and business environments. This mission is embedded to encourage our listeners to “Release Your Power To Fulfill Your Dreams!”
Initially intended to encourage and build female entrepreneurship, She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio has expanded its focus to everyone. By creating intricate topics designed for men, women and the youth; it is our goal to deliver a profound impact in every aspect of life. If you would like to check out the show please Click Here

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